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Printer Project: Double Hook Headphone Hanger for Apple Airpods Max

I had been looking for a double hook to mount under my desk ever since the Anchor Pro I purchased on Amazon uncermoniously broke when I attempted to take it off. A quick search on Thingiverse and I found this great model by hsoj. I was very pleased with the print, but when I went to test my headphones, I realized my Apple Airpods Max that I usually leave at my desk, did not fit correctly. They would hang on but the end of the hook jabbed into the mesh of the headband and I decided that would not be good as it may stretch it and/or leave a mark.

I decided to remix the file. I assumed I could just grab the .stl and easily modify, but it is a mesh at that point and while there may be a way to make this more easily editable, its not for me and my skill level. I decided I would use my calipers to measure and redesign it since it was a fairly simple shape.

My 3D design software of choice has been Tinkercad but one of its drawbacks is lack of radius corner support. There is a workaround but its time consuming and annoying to me. I also want to get better at other 3D apps, so this was a great opportunity to to dive back in to Fusion 360.

In the end I was able to design a very similar hook to the original one, while increasing the width to accomdate the headphones from 17 to 22 millimeters and increasing the passthrough for the screw driver to pass through so that I now can use my cordless drill.

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 10.00.40 PM.png

After a fairly tidy, 3 hour print, I was able to attach the hook to the underside of my desk and have a place off my desk to hang my headphones and any audio cables I use with my computer. Great success!

The ability to rapidly prototype and iterate with 3D printing is the best thing so far about investing in this hobby. I would often have a ideas but lacked either physical skills or the right materials to create it. The printer solves many of these obstacles for me and I continue to be impressed with the quality of this printer.

If you want to download this thing to print, you can do so here.

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