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Toaster V2: Custom Quick-Disconnect CPU Water Loop

Unable to resist the urge to watercool the Cooler Master NR200P that I affectionaly call the Toaster, I set out to create a custom loop I had never seen before.

The goal was maintainability of this tiny ITX case while keeping the visual charactersitics. So I wanted quick disconnects (thanks to Paul's Hardware for the inspo with the ridiculous Riptide build.) Most (all) water cooled builds utilized a radiator on a mesh panel where the glass panel would normally be.

I was able to locate and puchase a slim rad from XSPC that theoretically would fit with 15mm thick Noctua fans.

To achieve this, I removed the top mesh cover by pulling the tabs that kept it in and secured the radiator top down with all fans attached.

For the CPU block I went with a Nouvolo Aquanaut CPU+Pump block combo. The pump was an EK DDC pump and I painted their pump cooler to match the build.

For the tubing, I used EKWB ZMT Soft tube using both EKWB fittings and Koolance QD3 Quick Disconnect Compression Fittings (these rule!)

I don't have too much info about the build anymore as I no longer have many of the parts but below are a few glory shots of the build process, filling with an external resevoir since there isn't one, and some running shots.

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