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Revisiting the WRX

It lives! Back from the dead, for a second time. I have decided to rebuild my WRX into something more of an OEM+ STi wagon, which was sadly never brought over.

I started with replacing parts that had deteriated while it sat, namely the brakes and suspension. Gone are the stock WRX brakes, in are the STi Brembos. I purchased most of the parts for the build second hand. These Brembo's were redone in the current STi tennis ball green/yellow. It compliments the white and black colors of the rest of the build well.

As always, one mod leads to another. Want to go bigger brakes? Well, you need bigger wheels. Snagged a pair of Mach V Awesomes which are 17x9 which is, in fact, awesome.

One mod leads to another, and I've replaced the old, interfering strut/shock combo with BC Racing Coilovers (TBD if I keep these but they seemed like a good buy to get this thing where I wanted it.)

Next up I stripped the interior, again. While this car sat, it became a mouse motel and despite one previous tear down, I never quite got rid of weird odors. The car is currently sitting bare on the inside as I clean all the surfaces and take the opportunity to lay wiring for a few upgrades (OEM STi Intercooler Sprayer!? Auto folding mirros!?.) I am replacing the stock blue cloth interior with as much of an '06 WRX Limited wagon interior as possible. I have the seats but am in hunt for the wagon strut tower carpets & base. I am taking my time with this though and will address it later. In the mean time, bare interior with a drivers seat.

I've been hunting down some JDM goodies and found a few earlier items to replace some beat 225k mile items:

If you are into WRXs you may have noticed the lights are no longer stock. I am in the process of deciding between JDM projectors retrofitted for LHD or using these new Spec-D black housings to install a Bi-Xeon projector... More on that in another post.

Lastly, I've been playing around a lot with 3D software this summer and recently was told about Womp which I used to make this micro version of my bugeye:

The app is terrific and you should check it out! You can view the model in 3D here:

I'll be posting more build posts and hopefully some missing internet knowledge from this car so come back and read my stupid freakin' blog or something.

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