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AMD 5900x, Nvidia 3090 FE, Meshilicious Ssupd Custom Water Loop Build

Originally I had hoped to use EK ZMT black tubing + quick disconnects as I had done in my previous build (a top rad Cooler Master nr200p with the the founders card still air cooled) but simply did not have the space.

A shout out to Reddit user u/jamespx4 who's build really inspired me to jump in and I stole some ideas from him.

I spent a lot of time on fitting and ordering new pieces to make it all work. Once I realized I could not use the ZMT and that those thicc fittings would be an issue, I decided to use 12mm tubing. I have seen complaints about their bend as it flattens somewhat but I do not find it offensive.

I had used spacers on the riser cable mount and the vertical GPU holder to try to make the Res ang GPU block on the same plane but in the end I used only 3 washes to space the Res and somehow everything else just lined up with their stock spacing. I spent probably 4 nights messing around with the GPU, Rest, and CPU to get them to where I wanted, and another few nights with the radiator extensions.

The Mobo spacers are crucial to this build. Without it none of this fits.

Core Components


Ssupd Meshlicious


Asus X570-I Gaming


AMD 5900X


Nvidia 3090 FE


G.Skill 32GB 2x16 3600


Cooler Master v850 SFX


1x Sabrent 1TB NVMe 4.0 M.2, 1x Samsung 970 EVO 1TB M.2

Cooling Components


EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 80


EK-DDC 3.2 PWM Pump + Heatsink

CPU Block

EK-Quantum Magnitude Nickel + Acetal

GPU Block

EK-Quantum Vector FE RTX 3090


Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 280mm v2


2x Noctua NF-A14 chromax


10x EK-Quantum Torque HDC-12


4x EK-Quantum Torque MF 7mm, 2x EK-Quantum Torque MF 28mm


6x EK-Quantum Torque Rotary 90 deg, 4x Koolance Adjustable Low Profile 90 deg


1x EK-Quantum Torque Rotary T

Temp Sensor

Bitspower G1/4" Temp Sensor Stop Fitting

Unecessary Fun

EK-Quantum Flow Indicator


EK Cryofuel Clear



4x 20mm Brass M3 Standoffs, 4x 10mm Brass M3 Standoffs


Don't remeber the size but I used 6 washers to space FLT Res

Fan Splitters

1x Noctua Y Splitter

ARGB Splitter

Micro Connectors 1 to 4 50cm Splitter

Fan Accessories

Noctua NA-SAVP1 becuase the stupid chromax fans do not come with 8 rubber mounts in any color to match.

Loop, Fittings, Flow

  1. EK FLT 80 Out: 7mm EK, Koolance 90, EK 12mm HDC Fitting

  2. EK FE 3090 Block In: EK 12mm HDC Fitting, EK Rotary 90

  3. EK FE 3090 Block Out: EK Rotary 90, EK 12mm HDC Fitting

  4. Radiator In: EK 12mm HDC Fitting, Koolance 90, EK 7mm, Koolance 90, EK 7mm, EK 28mm

  5. Radiator Out: EK 28mm, EK T Split -> Temp Sensor/EK Rotary 90, EK 12mm HDC Fitting

  6. Flow Sensor In/Out: EK 12mm HDC Fitting, EK 12mm HDC Fitting

  7. CPU Block In: EK 12mm HDC Fitting, EK Rotary 90

  8. CPU Block Out: EK Rotary 90, EK 12mm HDC Fitting

  9. EK FLT 80 In: EK 12mm HDC Fitting, EK Rotary 90, Koolance 90, EK 7mm

Cooling Setup

In my Bios, I set to ignore the CPU Fan so that I could boot with the fans connected to the Chasis Fan header. This setup allows me to use the on board T_SENSOR to control the Chasis Fan speed based on coolant temperature.

I have not spent a ton of time tweaking this yeat but the fans go from roughly 20% at 20c (never going to happen) to 60% at 40c (pretty normal, think I'm usually seeing 37-39 deg c water temp), and 100% at 60c.


Unscientific results

Coolant Temps



35c (idle), 50c (gaming)


30c (idle), 60c (gaming)


  • Custom mounted the Res. Made a template with paper using the holes on the back of the block. Drilled with a hand drill and cleaned up the openings with metal files. Spaced with 3 washers on each screw. It only has 2 screws in. It causes a slight downward pitch that I was going to counter with an aluminum strip behind it but decided it was fine.

  • ~30mm in standoffs/spacers used to move the mobo out but keeping the rest of the case the same. Creates a cavity for cabling.


  • No USB C header on this mobo. I don't want the limited USB ports of the B550I.

  • Using 1 RGB splitter means the CPU, GPU, Res, and Flow Indicator act as 1 component in Aura (this software sucks but whatever, not having to run even more software is nice

  • The spacers I had to use for the Mobo meant I could not use the I/O shield. I really wish it would fit but its a few MM off now.

  • I can't find a few screws from the build like the white piece that goes next to the Mobo when in "4 slot mode"


  • Squeezed the bend from CPU to Res over the top gap! I am so happy about this one. There is still room to access the fan and RGB headers.

  • Using coolant temp for fan curve with no additional hardware or power cables.

  • Using the standoff suggestion gives you room to hide a lot in the center cavity!

Still to do:

  • custom PSU cables. I have everything but the connectors... company I ordered from has ghosted me so I have to figure out what to do to cancel and order they won't address (assuming reach out to PayPal?) There is a LOT of room to save once I can remove these terrible Cooler Master PSU cables. It will be especially awesome to have a custom 12pin for the GPU as right now there are two cables with dog ears + the adapter... its a lot.

  • procure a second glass panel. Ssupd said they hoped to have them in stock at Newegg in a couple weeks, a couple weeks ago.

  • benchmark/undervolt/overclock

  • possibly switch to EK Mystic Fog -- I'm telling myself not to waste the time

  • figure out how to drain this thing - ha (think ill attach a hose to the drain port in res and flip the case over.)


This was stupidly expensive, exasperating at times, and completely satisfactory. I am so happy with this build. The case allows for awesome components and build variations. After having started with water cooling in a Lian Li O11D and to see how far all the blocks and resevoirs have come in the last few years is really cool.

I'm looking forward to more options from other vendors (I had considered going full Alphacool but the EK blocks are still my favorite ATM). Lets just hope supply catches up!

I hope the pictures and information help anyone else looking to do a similar build! Let me know if I did anything especially stupid.

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